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About Us

We have a background in working on old muscle cars and an appreciation for all the details. When we started enjoying RC hobbies we were amazed at how many magazines showed planes, helicopters and cars that were beautiful, until you looked a little closer.

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Why We Made RC Keeps Products

We invite anyone to look through today's most popular RC magazines and it will amaze you to see photo after photo of the variety of ways modelers have tried to secure the wiring in their models. Tie-wraps, hook and loop, tape, zip-ties, wires and even shoved in any crevice the modeler could find in the fuselage. These techniques can cause radio interference, throw off the center of gravity or catch on servo arms.

You will also see many batteries that are poorly held in place and risk coming loose and shifting your center of gravity or worse, falling out of the airplane and causing a crash. Just as often you see batteries held on with industrial strength hook and loop fastener that threatens to tear your airplane apart as you try to remove your batteries (usually by slipping a propeller between the layers).

RC Keeps products are the solution
Just Peel & Place - Problem Solved!